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600W AeroCool Tacsens 600W

Power Supply PSU

Stock Availability (Osborne Park/Online Orders): A few units in stock.
Product Code: PWPSAX-AEIN060
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Additional Product Information

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600W AeroCool Integrator-600W

Aerocool Integrator 600W

Aerocool launched brand new Integrator power supply series aim to mainstream computing systems. Numbers of SATA connectors for RAID storage, up to 85% efficiency for power saving, and single +12V rail for extreme CPU/GPU power consumption. Good DC quality with lower ripple and noise, and fully protect functions to guard your components in system. No more headache to install by long 20+4P and 4+4P up to 550mm.
The Aerocool Integrator Series is an ideal entry power supply for any budding enthusiast, for people who are working with a restrictive budget and require an affordable power supply and require every pennies worth of value to count, and every one in between.
The Integrator offers the quality and performance only often found in power supplies in much high price points. The large 120mm cooling fan with smart thermal speed control works well to keep your system cool and as it can automatically alter its speed it is amazingly quiet.
The extra long cables reaching up to 550mm is great for system builders allowing you to get the perfect finish on any system build and the high amount of amps supported on a single 12v rail make it ideal for gamers and can help get the most out of your graphics card.
The Integrator is certified 80 plus and is able to provide strong consistent power which means less downtime for its user.

Compatible/Used for  
Connectors 4+4 Pin 12V, 20+4 Pin, 4 Pin Molex, Floppy Drive, SATA, 6+2 Pin PCI-E
Form Factor ATX PSU
Input Voltage  
Power Output +3.3V, +5V, +12V1, -12V, +5Vsb
Warranty 2 Years
Cooling 120mm Cooling Fan
Max. Output Current 20A, 17A, 46A,, 0.3A, 2.5A
Wattage 600 Watt

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