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4 Outlet Surge Protected

Power Board. 4X USB Ports 4.5A Current

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Product Code: PWNP4SURGE4USB
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Additional Product Information

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PRODUCT DESCRIPTION The VROVA power board VPB4P4A18 converts a single ACoutlet to 4 extra AC outlets and 4 USB Ports. The power board is equipped with both surge and over load protectionto keep your connected devicessafe. Each AC outlet has its own power switch allowing you to turn on or off each connected AC device individually. The power board also features four USB ports to charge your mobile devices such as phones, smart watches,fitness bands etc with a totalcurrent output of up to 4.5A

Surge & Overload Protection:

The power board protects your electronic devices connected to the AC outlets or the USB ports from dangerous power surges, spikes, lightning strikes, and AC contamination.The VROVA power board is made with highest quality components and circuitry making it suitable for your laptops, computers, TV, phonesand other electronics.

Fast USB Charging with 4 USB Ports:

The VROVA power board is equipped with four surge protected USB ports to charge all your USB powered devices directly from the power board eliminating the need to connect seperate USB AC adapters. The four USB ports have a total output of 4.5A current making them suitable for most of the devices.

Protection Up to 525 Joules:

This surge protected power board is rated to handle up to525 joules protecting your valuable electronics against harmful voltage fluctuations, surges, and energy spikes.

AC outlets with Individual Switches:

Each AC outlet on the power board has an individual switchto control power for that outlet. This lets you control each outlet independently for safe operation PRODUCT SPECIFICATION User Interface: Outputs: 4 AC Outlets with Individual Switches (10A), 4 USB Charging Ports (4.5A) Inputs: 3 Pin Australian Plug 10A

LED Indicators: Power Indicator : Green, Surge Protection: Green

Protections: Surge Protection/ Overload Protections / Charging Protection

Operation: Individual Switch

Dimensions: 336.27 x 76.27 x 33.36 (mm) Shipping Dimensions: 410 x 140x 40 (mm)

Unit Weight: 500gms Shipping Weight: 565 gms

Colour: White

Package Contents: Power Board x 1 PRODUCT FEATURE * Extends one Wall AC outlet to 4 outlets and 4 USB charging Ports * Protects your valuable electronics from dangerous power surges and spikes * Suitable for for laptops, desktops, TV, printers, routers, and other electronic devices * Four AC outlets with individual switches * Rated to withstand a power surge of up to 525 joules

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