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LiteOn 24x Black DVDRW

SATA DVD Writer Lite-On OEM IHAS324 IHAS124

Stock Availability (Osborne Park/Online Orders): More stock on the way.
Product Code: OPLI20A1S-RET
Manufacturers Website: www.liteon.com
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Additional Product Information

The information below is provided for browsing purposes only. Product Models and revisions change frequently and discrepancies may occur.


SATA Half-Height internal DVD+R / DVD+RW / DVD-R / DVD-RW / DVD+R9/ DVD-R9/ DVD-RAM/DVD-ROM/ CD-R/CD-RW / CD-ROM combination drive


Support Double Layer DVD+/-R9 Recording Function


SMART-BURN(*1) avoiding Buffer Under Run error, Automatically adjusting writing strategy & walking OPCto provide the best burning quality


SMART-X(*2) function adjusts CD-DA / VCD / DVD dataextraction to a fastest allowable speed according to both data request rate from host and disk quality

* ABS system reduce vibration and noise during recording and reading


Support Fixed Packet, Variable Packet, TAO, SAO, DAO, Random Access Write, Incremental, sequential recording, restricted overwrite, Layer Jump recording, Raw Mode Burning & Over-Burn


DVD read compliant: DVD single/dual layer (PTP/OTP), DVD-R(3.9GB/4.7GB), DVD-R multi-borders, DVD-RAM, DVD+R,DVD+R multi-sessions, DVD-RW, and DVD+RW


CD read compliant: CD-DA, CD-ROM, CD-ROM/XA, Photo-CD, Multi-session, Karaoke-CD, Video-CD, CD-I FMV, CD Extra, CD Plus, CD-R, and CD-RW


Support both 8cm and 12cm disc of CD and DVD family


Conform to Orange Book: Part 2 CD-R Volume 1, Part 2 CD-R Volume 2 Multi Speed, Part 3 CD-RW Volume 1 (1x, 2x,and 4x), Part 3 CD-RW Volume2:High Speed, Part 3 CD-RW Volume 3: Ultra Speed.


Supported transfer mode:PIO mode 4, DMA mode 2 and Ultra DMA mode 4

DVD Family Write DVD+R 24X DVD-R 24X DVD+R9 8X DVD-R9 8X DVD-RAM 12X

ReWrite DVD+RW 8X DVD-RW 6X Read 16X Access time 160ms CD Family Write CD-R 48X ReWrite CD-RW 32X Read 48X Access time 140ms Buffer Size 2MB (MAX) PC Required Pentium 4 1.3 GHz or higher CPU and 128MB orhigher RAM are required. HDD must have access time < 20ms; with a minimum of 650MB free


9GB free space for creating a DVD image file (9GB for doublelayer;

5GB for single layer). Compatibility MS 2000/ XP/ Vista

MTBF (Life) 70000POH S/N Ration > 75dB General Environment Operating 5C to 50C; Relative Humidity: 15% to 80% Non-Operating -40C to 65C;Relative Humidity: 15% to 95% Dimension 145(W) x 41.3(H) x170(D) mm Weight < 0.9Kg Voltage Requirements +5V +/-5% and less than 100 mVp-p ripple voltage +12V +/-5% and less than 200 mVp-p ripple voltage


LiteOn move in the 24X DVD Burners' market is the new IHAS324. The supported 24x burning speed is the fastest currently available, and the only competitor is the OptiarcAD7240S. However, many say that as the burning speed increases, good burning quality is something difficultto maintain. Does this apply for the LiteOn drive, too? Let's move on to the summing of the results to see.

First of all, the drive provedto be a good reader, performing all tasks with speeds according to specifications, and being ableto complete them successfully.In addition, the drive, in most reading processes, was faster than its competitor, the Optiarc drive. As far as error correction is concerned,the tests showed us that the drive has average error correction mechanisms on both CD and DVD media.

Next on, are the writing teststhat we performed. DVD media were burned at speeds of up to24X and the result was great. We were able to burn a DVD disc in 4 minutes with an average speed of approximately17.5X. However, only very few discs are compatible with suchhigh speeds. Untill now, the drive can only burn at such speeds the YUDEN000T03 and TYG03 Taiyo Yuden DVD+R and DVD-R media respectively. Writing quality tests were performed at CD and DVD media,and the drive did not appear to be as good as we expected it to be. Tests on the majority of the burned discs reported huge uncorrectable digital error rates.

The drive also offers the SmartErase function. If you have some time to spend, you can try it out using the bundled software. It will completely erase your discs fast and with just a few clicks.

To sum up, the drive proved tobe a very good and fast reader, beating its competitorin most tests.

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