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Logitech G105 Gaming

Keyboard GamePanel; USB

Stock Availability (Osborne Park/Online Orders): Out of stock, please enquire.
Product Code: KBLOG105
Manufacturers Website: www.logitech.com
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Additional Product Information

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Logitech G105 Gaming

With LED backlighting and fully programmable G-keys, this is your essential tool for serious gaming.

Easily locate keys—even in the dark. The backlight can be set to two different brightness levels—or turned off completely.

6 programmable G-keys*

With three macros per key, you can configure up to 18 individual functions per game, including single key presses, complex macros or intricate LUA scripts. You can also create macros on the fly.

Multi-key input

Use up to five keys at once to perform multiple—and more complex—actions.

Instant media access

Convenient one-touch controls give you instant access to volume control and media playback.

Game/desktop mode

Don’t let accidents interrupt your game—easily disable the Windows/Context Menu keys.

Built for gaming

Play harder. Responsive, longer-life keys withstand demanding play. With Logitech’s high quality standards and rigorous testing, the G105 is built to last.

* G-key programming requires Logitech® Gaming Software, available at logitech.com/downloads.

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