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3Tb Seagate Surveillance HDD

ST3000VX010 SATA HDD 64Mb

Stock Availability (Osborne Park/Online Orders): Out of stock, please enquire.
Product Code: HDSE04-00300-05
Manufacturers Website: www.seagate.com
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Additional Product Information

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3Tb Seagate SE35 AV NVR HDD

Surveillance hard drives with enterprise-class reliability.

SV35 hard drives are engineered for high-write workloads and multiple video stream recording with these features:

  • Industry-leading MTBF of >1M hours; AFR of <1%
  • Performance driven, 7200-RPM base platform optimized with 64MB DDR2 DRAM, a dual core processor and surveillance-optimized write caching
  • Seagate AcuTrac™ servo technology provides accurate read-write operation even in challenging operating environments

Builds better surveillance systems.

SV35 Series hard drives feature storage power and high performance for modern video surveillance systems.

  • SATA 6Gb/s interface enables the newest, fastest hard drive controllers as well as legacy SATA 1.5Gb/s and 3Gb/s controllers
  • Leading 1TB-per-disk technology delivers 1TB, 2TB and 3TB capacities with fewer mechanical components
  • 2A current-limited and spin control features enable more power management, saving power and improving reliability during archival periods

Form Factor 3.5" 3.5" 3.5"
Interface Options SATA 6Gb/s SATA 6Gb/s SATA 6Gb/s
Spindle Speed (RPM) 7200 7200 7200
Cache (MB) 64 64 64
Transfer Rate, Max Ext (MB/s) 600 600 600
Sustained Data Rate OD 210MB/s 210MB/s 210MB/s
Average Latency (ms) 4.16 4.16 4.16
Power Management      
Idle, Typical Operating (W) 5.40 5.40  
Operating 0° to 60°C 0° to 60°C 0° to 60°C
Non-operating -40° to 70°C -40° to 70°C -40° to 70°C
Operating: Gs (ms) 80 (2ms) 80 (2ms) 80 (2ms)
Non-operating: Gs (ms) 300 (2ms) 300 (2ms) 300 (2ms)
Acoustics (bels - sound power)      
Idle 2.4 2.4 2.4
Operating 2.6 2.6 2.6
Height (in/mm) 1.028/26.11 1.028/26.11 1.028/26.11
Width (in/mm) 4.0/101.6 4.0/101.6 4.0/101.6
Length (in/mm) 5.787/146.99 5.787/146.99 5.787/146.99
Weight (lb/g) 1.38/626 1.38/626 1.38/626
Model NumberCapacityInterfaceSpindle Speed (RPM)Cache (MB)Areal DensityLengthWidthHeightTypical WeightAFRAverage Operating Power
ST3000VX000 3TB SATA 6Gb/s 7200RPM 64MB 625 146.99mm 101.6mm 26.11mm 626g <1% 8.0W
ST2000VX000 2TB SATA 6Gb/s 7200RPM 64MB 625 146.99mm 101.6mm 26.11mm 626g <1% 8.0W
ST1000VX000 1TB SATA 6Gb/s 7200RPM 64MB 625 146.99mm 101.6mm 26.11mm 626g <1% 5.90W

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