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Arctic Silver Adhesive 7g

Pure Silver Thermal Paste NOT for CPU to Heatsink!

Stock Availability (Osborne Park/Online Orders): Out of stock, please enquire.
Manufacturers Website: www.arcticsilver.com
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Additional Product Information

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Arctic Silver Adhesive 7g Product Code: AS-ASTA-7G

Arctic Silver Thermal AdhesiveIS NOT intended to be used between a CPU and the CPU heatsink.

Silver Adhesive Features: Made with 99.8% pure micronized silver. 62% to 65% silver content by weight. Superior thermal conductivity.Greater than 7.5 W/mK

Temperature range: - 40C to >150C

(Bond strength is weakened at temperatures below 0C due to crystallization.)

Negligible electrical conductivity. Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesivewas formulated to conduct heat, not electricity. NOTE: Even though Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive is specifically engineered for high electrical resistance, itshould be keep away from electrical traces, pins, and leads. The cured adhesive is slightly capacitive and could potentially cause problems if it bridged two close-proximityelectrical paths.

Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesiveis sold in: A set of Arctic Silver ThermalAdhesive consists of two tubescontaining a total of 7 grams of adhesive (3.5 grams of Part A and 3.5 grams of Part B) and a plasticreusable mixing wand.

CAUTION! Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesiveis a permanent adhesive. Components you attach with Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesivewill stay attached forever.

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