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CoolerMaster MasterCase 5

FreeForm Modular Case System MCX-0005-KKN00 No PS

Stock Availability (Osborne Park/Online Orders): Out of stock, please enquire.
Product Code: CACOMAST5-1
Manufacturers Website: www.coolermaster.com
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CoolerMaster MasterCase 5


The World's First Mid-Sized Modular
Tower With Exterior Expandability


The MasterCase heralds a new case family that offers you unparalleled control. Drawing inspiration from the MasterConcept, this is a case that goes back to our roots, picks up the Cooler Master flag, and charges boldly over the horizon into a new dawn for case technology.


FreeForm™ Modular System

Customize. Upgrade. Adjust.

Inspired by the MasterConcept, FreeForm™ fundamentally sets the MasterCase apart from our rivals and breaks new ground in the way PCs are designed, made, bought, and used. We want you to have absolute control over your case, and that means options to adjust the structure and aesthetic via a range of replacement panels and doors.


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